About DGB Reptiles

Started by veterinary students Ben Lewis and Cody Sorce in January 2020, DGBReptiles is committed to the responsible care and breeding of high-quality reptiles and amphibians.

What does DGB stand for? It’s short for “Don’t Get Bit” which, in a way, describes what we’re all about. “Don’t Get Bit” is more than just our funny motto, it describes our whole philosophy when it comes to reptile handling and care. “Don’t get a bit” means more than just avoiding an injury, it describes our firm commitment to doing things right the first time, every time. No shortcuts, no being lazy or sloppy. Taking shortcuts is how–even the most experienced–handlers get bit. Being lazy or sloppy with husbandry practices can injure the health and happiness of our scaly friends. And at the end of the day THAT is what we are really all about.